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Management Services

Overview of Services Offered




              -       Obtain/monitor insurance policies

            -         Secure contract bids

            -         Maintain records as required by law and Board

            -         Maintain owner information list


          -     Easy to read / understand reports

              -       Process all invoices to owners

            -         Provide dunning and lien filing, if required

            -         Receive and deposit all income

            -         Pay all vendors and contractors

            -         Prepare customized financial reports

            -         Assist in preparing annual operating and reserve budget

            -         Present budget analysis at least semi-annually


                -       Oversee all contract and vendor services

             -         Routinely inspect grounds and facilities

             -         Provide 24/7 emergency on-call service

             -         Enforce Association bylaws, rules and policies

             -         Prepare all meeting notices and agendas

             -         Attend all Board, Committee, and Owner meetings

             -         Prepare all meeting minutes for approval

             -         Advise Board on statutory and bylaw requirements

             -         Facilitate strategic planning sessions for Board

             -         Respond timely to all questions from board and owner

                  -      Service Minor maintenance problems
-                 -      Repair plumbing leaks, clogged A/C drains, electrical switches, etc.
                  -      Change A/C filters, door locks
                  -      Access to experts to replace common appliances such as dishwashers, disposals, icemakers
                  -      Painting and minor sheet rock repair
                  -      Competitive rates

            -     Unit/home maintenance service available
            -     Free notary services for all owners
            -     Other services as requested by the Board


Burg Management has no ownership of or affiliation with any HOA or condominium contractors or suppliers.


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