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Company Information

Burg Management Company is a top quality service provider to Homeowner and Condominium Owner Associations in Bay and Gulf Counties. We specialize in providing accounting and management service to first-class community associations. Our personalized service responds to your specific needs. Our goal is to assist the Board to be responsive to their owners, while properly accounting for all financial transactions, overseeing all service contracts, and providing professional advice to the Board.



Our approach is based on open communications, enthusiasm, and efficient operations.  We will reflect the highest standards in all that we do. 



Our future success depends on our reputation for providing exceptional service.  Providing the highest quality service that meets and exceeds the needs of our clients is imperative. 



Clients and service providers have a right to relationships built on trust and loyalty.  Through fair, honest, and ethical dealings with clients and service providers, Burg Management will earn and maintain the trust and respect of its clients. 


Personal Development

Personal growth is critical for the welfare of our employees.  Continuous improvement, development, and education of our staff and clients will insure better service to our clients and enhance the Associations we manage. 


Burg Management Company, Inc. (BMC) was established in Panama City Beach, Florida in 2000 exclusively to manage community associations.  Our clients are located in both Bay and Gulf Counties. Our goal is to give associations and their owners what they want – the best professional management at a fair price.  BMC strives to provide the finest possible management services tailored to the individual association through dedicated professional personnel.  Employees are strongly encouraged to further their professional education and certification. BMC will also strive to utilize the newest innovations in technology for the benefit of BMC and all of its client associations.  All  services, actions, and relationships will be guided by the CAI code of ethics.

Code of Ethics



The Manager Shall:

  1. Comply with current standards or practices as may be established from time to time by CAI and each state in which the Manager practices; 
  2. Participate in continuing professional education through CAI and other organizations and maintain a CAI membership; 
  3. Not make any inaccurate or misleading representations or statements to a prospective client; 
  4. Undertake only those engagements the Manager can reasonably expect to perform with professional competence; 
  5. Exercise due care and exhibit adequate planning and supervision; 
  6. Disclose in writing to the client any actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest if the client may have dealings with another party in some way related to the Manager; 
  7. Not knowingly misrepresent fact to benefit the Manager; 
  8. Refuse any compensation, gratuity or other form of remuneration from individuals or companies who act or may act on behalf of the client; 
  9. Insure that homeowners receive timely notice as required by state statutes or legal documents and protect their right of appeal; 
  10. Disclose to the client the extent of fidelity insurance carted on behalf of the Manager and/or client and any subsequent changes in coverage which may occur during the Manager’s engagement;  
  11. See that funds held for the client by the Manager are in separate accounts, are not misappropriated, and are returned to the client at the end of the Manager’s engagement; 
  12. Recognize that the original records, files and books held by the Manager are the property of the client to be returned to the client at the end of the Manager’s engagement.


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